Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are nothing but the rules and regulations that the users must follow and accept to get the support from our expert team and also to get the guidelines from our website. Here is the list of terms and conditions that the user must follow to get the support from our site

First, the customer must get knowledge about the service that we offer from this website. We assure you that we provide expert support from our professional team. So that you can hope the best from our site and get the guidance

It is strictly prohibited to the third parties to misuse the contents, images on the site. It is not allowed by third parties to corrupt or causes any damage to the website. The third person is also not allowed to duplicate or sell the content on this site. Only the users have the right to enjoy the befits from this site not to interrupt the information or misuse the content on the site. If the user or the third person perform any acts against the site, you need to face the judicial laws.

As if this theft is noticed by the concerned authority, certain legal actions will be implied on the concerned person.

It is the user's concern to maintain the billing details. We don't assure you that all the information given on this site is guaranteed.

The license holder can make the changes or corrections on the site at any time without providing the information to the user. To know about the updates on the website, it is the user's responsibility to stay updated on the site.

To get guidance from our support team, you need to accept the terms and conditions to enjoy all those services. Without accepting, you may not be able to enjoy the service from our team. If you need to get more information about the terms and conditions you can get in touch with our expert team and clarify your doubts